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Minor Lump and Cyst Removal

Lumps and Cysts

Lumps and ulcers in the mouth can occur for various reasons.

They will normally be picked up by your own dentist on routine examination and dealt with appropriately. They can be benign or cancerous in which case you will have to see the specialist as soon as possible so that the appropriate treatment can be started soon. If you feel any abnormal growth in your mouth please contact your dentist soon.

Benign lumps in the oral cavity include:

  • Polyps
  • Warts
  • Mucocele

This will involve simple local anaesthetic and excision is performed by the surgeon. You may need some stitches to control bleeding and usually they dissolve with time. A pathology report describing the nature of the lump is obtained after a microscopic exam which secures diagnosis.

If the appearance is suspicious then you will be referred to hospital for further management.

Cysts of jaw can arise in healthy adults or children. They are thought to arise from the remnants of developing tooth tissue. They can also arise out of infected tooth. Very occasionally the cysts of jaw can turn into tumors which may require aggressive treatment. Fortunately this is a rare occurrence. Many a times they are picked up as incidental findings during routine dental examination. Treatment involves removal of cyst lining , in certain types aggressive bone removal may be necessary to prevent recurrence.

Many swellings/lesions in the head and neck region are benign. However one needs to be aware of the following signs and check with your own doctor or dentist as soon as possible as they may indicate signs malignancy:

  • Lump appearing under lower jaw or neck
  • Smokers with white patch in mouth especially tongue/floor of mouth/lips
  • Non healing ulcer more than 14 days in mouth
  • Bleeding ulcer in the face
  • Difficulty swallowing associated with or without change of voice
  • Any of the above associated with weight loss, anorexia, fatigue and night sweats

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