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Smile Design

Smile is one of the most powerful words known to mankind. It can change one’s confidence and improve the outlook to life. Smile has the power to change the perception of everyone around you.

At Ochilview we intend give the best to ensure you have the best possible smile.

Due to many conditions such as dental decay, large fillings, dental malformations, missing teeth and dental injury; one can experience altered smile. It is necessary to have a good smile especially where people do jobs which involve facing public and this is not the only reason why one would consider smile design.

We use advanced techniques along with intraoral scanner to develop a smile which would be suitable for your dental condition and facial appearance. It is possible to simulate the final appearance of the restorations and give you an idea of the finished result.

 It is imperative that such treatments are carried out in patients who maintain meticulous oral hygiene. Regular hygiene visits and care is necessary. One must be aware of the cost of the treatment as this is purely cosmetic and therefore not available as NHS treatment. As with any treatment there are limitations and risks involved which will be discussed at initial consultation.

Please ask your dentist for details if you have any concerns.


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