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Digital Impressions

An impression at your dentist

When you visit your dentist you may have many reasons to be anxious. It could be an irrational thought or past experience which has put you off. Impression taking is a routine procedure needed for your dentist to make a study model or have a new crown or denture etc. Many patients have a very strong gag reflex which makes it difficult.

Oral scanner at Ochilview Dental Armadale

Thankfully with the advances in recent technology accurate impressions of your teeth and soft tissue can be taken with Oral Scanners like Trios 3Shape. The level of accuracy of these new scanners are phenomenal with accuracy down to last 3 microns. Especially having a crown or a bridge is such an accurate process that you will hardly have prolonged remakes, adjustments to make it fit. If you are having new cosmetic crowns for a great look then this accuracy is a great virtue.

The scanners are of the size of an electric brush and very easily manipulated by your dentist to obtain a great accurate impression. The scan file is sent electronically to the lab by your dentist and the new crown or veneer can be typically ready within a day or so.

Since 3 Shape scanner was installed at Ochilview Dental many patients have had great benefit. They do not need the impression paste in their mouth any more and also enjoy the accuracy of superior fit. For more information check out this video and speak to your dentist about your concerns.

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