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Smile makeover

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It is not uncommon for people to stay away from socialising being conscious of the smile. This can arise out of the fear that they think their teeth look too awkward.

This situation could be the result of dental neglect, dental phobia due to previous bad experience or even an irrational fear that something will go wrong at their dental visit.

Don't worry there are many advances now in dentistry which can reduce the fear factor. There are special techniques such as digital impressions and smile design which can help you smile naturally and confidently.

Most importantly one needs to visit their dentist to make sure their oral health is maintained. Of course, aesthetics is something that can be fixed by your dentist based on specific needs.

Before and after pictures helps a patient realise the degree of change. With the use of digital designing and impression technique, we were able to design a great smile and transform your appearance. 

Please book an assessment appointment if you have any concerns about your smile.

You will need to ensure that the oral hygiene is maintained by regular dental visits.

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Everyone has a right to smile in the most natural way and we help you achieve your goals.


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