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Practice opening post Covid pandemic

We are very pleased to let you know that we have started seeing patients in our practice although initially it will be for private patients needing urgent treatments only. We shall start seeing NHS patients as soon as the government guidance is issued to that effect.

At Ochilview dental the team has been working very hard in the background over the past few weeks to make your journey as safe as possible and ensure your concerns are addressed. However, we need to be aware that the restrictions are in place for main reasons:

  1. Reduce spread of infection as we prepare to return to normal.
  2. Protect you from cross infection.
  3. Protect staff from preventable exposure.

Please go through the documents below which will give a detailed information of your journey through the practice. At the same time you will need to download and fill the medical history and COVID risk assessment forms before your appointment:

  1. Practice Re-opening Policy
  2. Patient checklist
  3. COVID Risk Assessment
  4. Medical History Form

Please stay safe and follow government guidance all the time. Should you have any issues please call us – 01501-731711 or email

Thank you for your co operation and appreciate your help.

01501 731711