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Why your dentist needs to know about your general health?

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You may be wondering why you need to tell your dentist about your general health and many patients do not realise its relevance.

When you attend our practice you will be asked to fill a medical history form, which also includes social history. The form asks you to list any conditions that you may suffer from, allergies, hospitalisation etc. This means:

1. Your dentist will know what relevant precautions need to be taken during any procedures.

2. What complications may be expected.

3. Would be safer treated in a hospital environment.

4. Does it require specialist advice?

5. You may be allergic to certain medications. For example frequently we see people are allergic to penicillin, latex etc If there is a known history it will help us to avoid them.

People may suffer from variety of conditions and as a result you may take tablets prescribed by doctors.You may also be carrying a warning card.  This can interfere with tablets given by your dentist, which means either an increase or decrease in the effectiveness of medications that could result in unwarranted complications.

At Ochilview Dental  we also request you to fill in a social and dental history form which will help us identify any particular risk factors related to dental disease. This will also give us insight into your expectations - for example smile design, white fillings, whitening, restoration of spaces and so on.

You can refer to our sample medical history form Medical history formSocial and Dental History . Why not fill it in before you attend the practice so you could fill in the form at leisure.

 You can update this once in a year or as and when any changes take place- for example your doctor starts a new medication or takes you off a medication.




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