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Laser treatment

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Laser treatment

Dental Lasers have been around for good few years. They are very useful in simplifying certain dental procedures which improves the outcomes and make them more effective.

At Ochilview you can see and experience the Epic X which is an advanced diode laser in use. This gives many benefits to patient with appropriate indication.

Diode lasers have a special feature of stimulating tissue healing.  This can help heal intra oral wounds quicker. Rapid heating of water molecules within soft tissue causes rapid vaporization of the water and build-up of steam which causes an expansion that exceeds the crystal strength of the dental structures, and the material breaks by exploding this is called ablation.


Commonly DIODE LASERs are used for following purposes.


  • Excision of soft tissue lumps and bumps.
  • Frenectomy (usually performed after orthodontics.
  • Exposure of hidden canine tooth prior   to orthodontics.
  • Disinfection of periodontal pockets during clean and polish.
  • Teeth Whitening.
  • Disinfection of root canals.
  • Healing stimulation of painful ulcers and extraction socket.
  • In implant dentistry for exposure and soft tissue recontouring.
  • Crown lengthening procedures

Teeth Whitening. Lasers can enhance bleaching by photo-oxidation of colored molecules in the teeth or by interaction with the components of the bleaching gel through photochemical reactions. The result is a visually whitened tooth surface. When you have chairside whitening, the initial appointment will involve bleaching gel application to the teeth surface and Laser activation which gives you a head start to continue more bleaching at home providing fantastic results.

In Implant dentistry Laser is used to expose the implant when the initial healing has taken place. It is also used to provide soft tissue contours much needed to properly accommodate the corwn and bridge work. Lasers assisted debridement of implants is used in management of peri-implantitis which is a condition associated with bone loss around the dental implants. You can ask your dentist for further details.

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